Tahirou Sanogo

Tahirou Sanogo

  • CEO of Foods’ Co & President of the Association of Cashew Nuts Manufacturer in Côte d’Ivoire

Born in Béoumi on January 24, 1964 to Dougoutigui SANOGO, his father who has been a high dignitary of Béoumi since the colonial administration and who built almost all the basic infrastructure in the Béoumi region (primary schools, dispensaries, 1st bridge on the “ kan”, etc) and TOTO AMENAN, his mother who is from the royal family of Sakassou, the village in the neighborhood. He entered the world of work with his first job at PALMINDUSTRIE in 1988 and continued his career in various industries & factories as Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Technical Manager in companies such as COLGATE PALMOLIVE, PHCI, UNIWAX, etc As EXPERT SANOGO "Approved expert in agro-industry with the Court of Appeal of the courts of Abidjan and also with the Commercial Court", he achieved major industrial projects which made it possible to constitute a capital which, with the support of other foreign and local financial partners, enabled him to create FOODS'CO S.A. by capitalizing on the strong experience and his technical partnership network and relationships; A major resource person in the cashew sector in Côte d'Ivoire, having to his credit several achievements of agro-food processing plant projects, including 3 major ones in Côte d'Ivoire, Expert SANOGO has achieved his consecration in the “COMPLEXE DES INDUSTRIES AGRO-ALIMENTAIRES DE BEOUMI”, his native land. It is a major economic actor on the entire cashew value chain for integrated development for the benefit and a strong social impact for the benefit of the populations of Béoumi. As Founder and Managing Director of FOODS’CO, he succeeded in raising this company to the rank of the most certified companies despite his young age: - Start of production at 25 tons/day: January 2020 - HACCP Codex Alimentarius certification: September 2020 - BIR KOSHER Certification: November 2020 - First exports of white almonds of various grades to Europe: May 2020 - Openness to other international markets: USA, EUROPE, AFRICA - Introduction of cashew-derived products from October 2020: ANACADI aperitif snacks (salty, salted caramel) and cashew paste (sauce, pastry and toast) - BRC V8 & FSMA certifications: December 2021 - Social & environmental Responsibility: promotion of the female gender with 60% of women as employees, organization of a Christmas tree for the children of employees and planters of the CAREBIO cooperative, Mother's Day 2021, creation of "FOODS CO FOUNDATION" including the 1st project was the financing of 10 tricycles for 20 beneficiaries and the financing of 100 women for income-generating activities in March 2022 - Prizes obtained: "best agro-industrial company in 2020", PADEV 2021 prize in Kigali, B TO B Manager prize in Dubai in 2021, African Manager Prize 2021 (to be received in April 2023), national development artisans prize in 2021 . - Increase of the shelling capacity at the end of 2021 from 25 tons/day to 60 tons/day - Ongoing Project of construction of the CNSL (Cashew nut shell liquid) plant and which will start in September 2023.

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Day two October 3, 2023
Day One October 2, 2023
15:00 – 16:15

Panel Discussion 3: Trade Financing as a Driver of Development in Africa

Balaclava Fort, Mauritius