Jarred Glansbeek

Jarred Glansbeek

  • Executive Director, Chief Investment Officer - Riscura

When he founded RisCura in 1999 Jarred laid the foundations for what RisCura would become. Jarred’s work in liability-driven investment is widely regarded as pioneering the evolved theory and practise of LDI. Backed by a deep understanding of quantitative portfolio techniques, complex instruments, and active risk management, Jarred ensures that our global institutional client base achieves optimal portfolio performance through tailored asset class structuring and best practise from all their investment service providers.

All Sessions by Jarred Glansbeek

Day two October 3, 2023
Day One October 2, 2023
13:50 – 14:50

Panel Discussion 2: Financing African Projects: Driving Investment, Development and Sustainable Growth in Africa

Balaclava Fort, Mauritius